Julien Sibille, artiste extraordinaire, illustrates the COVID-19 pandemic.

Updated: Mar 14

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During these troubled times, mental health problems are rising around the world. People are terrified because they do not know what the future will bring. Without advance notice, governments impose lockdowns and shut schools and universities and then, without any advance notice, remove the lockdowns and open schools and universities.

People are asking themselves if it is still possible to laugh at something. Medical staff often say, “Humor is the best medicine.”. At times like the present, we need humor to help us prevent mental illness. Laughing out loud will help your mental health. Go ahead and have a prolonged LOUD laugh, even though your fifth-grade teacher told you that laughing out loud was not polite.


At the age of 12 years, Julien discovered Japanese cartoons. He thought that these cartoons were fascinating. With a few lines, the Japanese cartoons told a story. The normal cartoons in Swiss newspapers had much more complicated drawings. Using pen and ink, Julien began copying the Japanese cartoon. Even though Julien did not speak Japanese, he could follow the story. As he copied the cartoons, he decided that he wanted to become an artist.

Crowd free destinations, safe traveling during COVID, Places to visit

As Julien was growing up, he continued to draw and learned to paint, using watercolors and oils. He painted the family cat, animals, people, houses, landscapes, and scenes from his imagination.

The Ecole Professionalle des Arts Contemporain in Switzerland is a highly-respected university for art. The European Accreditation Board of Higher Education has given the university their accreditation. Gaining entrance is not easy. The prospective student must submit samples of their work. The samples must include both traditional media, such as drawing and painting on paper and modern media using computer software.

Juilen was admitted and worked hard. While he was in university, he won a prize in the International Multimedia and Animation Arts, Student Competition Exhibition. The competition was sponsored by The Taipea Governament, Taiwan and The Ecole Professionalle des Arts Contemporain, Switzerland. Students from Switzerland, Taiwan and Poland participated in the competition.

Julien graduated with honors and received a European Bachelor in Illustration.

Crowd free destinations, safe traveling during COVID, Places to visit

His pictures capture the spirit of the animal or the calmness of the landscape. His pictures of the family cat make you think that the cat is about to meow, “hello”. to you. His pictures of imaginary scenes are professional rendered and look as if they had been drawn by the illustrator s at Disney. He illustrates his sense of humor in his cartoons.

He has exhibited his artworks at various venues in Switzerland. When he exhibits and puts some of his artworks up for sale, there is a brisk trade at the cash register.

Do you want a drawing of your favorite grandmother, your favorite horse, or your house? Do you want a special painting for that blank space on that wall? Please contact Julien at juliensibille8@gmail.com

Crowd free destinations, safe traveling during COVID, Places to visit

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