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About us

We are a team of passionate and professional travelers with background in tourism and hospitality. Since the pandemic lock-down in March 2020, we have visited 7 countries most of which were in the red zone. We had numerous COVID-19 tests, spend several weeks on quarantine, mistakenly felt couple of times being infected, but nevertheless continue to travel and encourage traveling others. 


Of course, we take all of the precautions to avoid the infection. We stay away from crowded places, eat only in highly rated restaurants, wear a mask in the presence of other people, and most importantly, take a good care of our health, boosting our immune system with diverse vitamins and daily physical exercises. Our flights were often cancelled and as a result the travel expenses were unnecessary high, but these minor obstacles are rather seen as adventure and can not stop us from travelling.

With this initiative named “Crowd Free World”, our goal is to demonstrate to potential travelers that it is safe to fly to a destination and to stay there overnight.  We emphasise to potential travellers that the traveling experience has changed. Now, airports are relatively empty.  Normally, a traveler can check-in and pass through security much quicker than previously.  The current travelling process is less stressful than previously.   Please note that all travelers must closely know and follow all current regulations about health checks and quarantine requirements and know and follow any recent changes to those requirements.  Masks and social distancing are often required in many destinations.  


On our platforms we will focus on two types of destinations:

  1. Popular places that before the pandemic were often overcrowded and now are relatively less crowded.  Before the pandemic, many popular destinations required reservations to museums and other tourist sites at least three months in advance.  For most popular destinations, this is no longer true.  Furthermore, it is now possible to actually see the famous art since there are much fewer people in front of the painting.  

  2. Less well-known places that were not often visited and have always been less crowded than more popular destinations. The current pandemic has encouraged travellers to discover hidden treasures in remote locations, such as small charming villages with small family-owned. Other treasures include working farms with real animals, which have a bed and breakfast or simple rooms to rent.  Normally, the guest can remove his mask in these remote and open locations. 

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