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For Travellers 

Please support our initiative by actively participating on our social media platforms and this website. Your contribution is important to us. 


We all want to hear about your traveling experiences, both positive and negative.  Naturally, we hope that you have ONLY positive experiences.  Please tell us where you went and what sites you visited.  Please give us details about how you traveled (airplane, car, train, bicycle, etc), where you stayed, and what you saw.  Please tell us about safety measures in the overnight accommodations or the places you visited.  Did people observe social distancing?  Did you have the feeling that the establishments disinfected their premises regularly and followed other guidelines to ensure that the premises were “safe”?  Did you feel “safe”?


Please use #crowdfreeworld for your own posts about your travel and tourist experiences during this current pandemic.  

We are awaiting your comments.

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For Tourism Industry Organisations

Crowd Free World is an initiative to support the Tourism Industry during this current pandemic. We will support you by promoting your services on our dedicated platforms.  


Local authorities and the World Travel and Tourism Council have published Guidelines to ensure that the tourist has a safe travel experience.  


Crowd Free World assumes that your organization has now implemented all the Guidelines so that all travelers and tourists to your facilities have an enjoyable and safe experience.  Furthermore, we assume that you want tourists to know that it is safe to visit your facilities.  


If your organisation offers services that follow the Guidelines for Safety, we will publish that important information on our dedicated platforms.  


The Crowd Free World website will ONLY publish detailed information about organizations, which have successfully implanted the Guidelines for Safety.   


For more information about Crowd Free World, please email us at:

We look forward to hearing from you.  

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