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In every crisis, there is opportunity.  Crowd Free World will help you embrace opportunity.




In 2019, no person could imagine how the Covid-19 Pandemic would affect everyone’s life. 


To keep their employees safe, many companies require their employees to work at home using the internet.  Some people prefer to work at home.  These employees say, “No traffic jams!  I can work, wearing my favorite well-worn jeans.”.  Other employees are eager to return to the office because they must cope with toddlers and pets disturbing them while they are trying to work.  


Customers, who would normally visit a store, must now stay home because of the pandemic.  To ensure their survival, companies have expanded the items you can purchase online.  Companies, which never had online business, have introduced ecommerce.   Now, we can order groceries, pharmaceuticals, clothes, toys, a gourmet meal from a highly-rated restaurant, and many other things using the internet.  Firms deliver the items to our door.  How convenient!  


The pandemic requires “social distancing”.  Teachers in schools and Professors in universities lecture their students on line.  Many students complain that “It is all work and no fun”.  Some experts stress that an important part of all education is interacting with students and teachers.  Not everyone is pleased with online learning.  


Yes, the internet offers many opportunities to enjoy life in your home.  We can visit museums and listen to lectures by famous people.  We can watch an opera from the Royal Opera House in London.   We can chat to our friends on Social Media.  We can read newspapers from around the world and can search for historical information in newspapers from years ago.  




Background:  Seeing an opera online is never as thrilling as sitting in the Royal Opera House and hearing live music.  Visiting the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia to see the solid gold toy train, which belonged to the son of the last tsar, is a fantastic experience.  


To preserve our mental health, we must experience the real world.  No picture and no video can replace the actual experience of traveling.  Sitting in a restaurant in Vienna, drinking marvelous coffee and eating Sachertorte is more fun that watching a video of Vienna. 


Travel During the Pandemic:  Yes, you can travel during this Covid-19 Pandemic.  However, travel during this pandemic is DIFFERENT from travel before this pandemic.  Now, every destination has its own rules and sometimes changes these rules without notice.  Therefore, when you travel, you must stay well-informed with the latest information about your chosen destination.  .  


All travelers want to be safe and to enjoy the place they visit.  There are two types of destinations:

  1. Popular places that before the pandemic, were often overcrowded and now are relatively less crowded and.

  2. Less well-known places that were not often visited and have always been less crowded than more popular destinations.  


Popular Places:  Before the pandemic, many popular destinations required reservations at least three months in advance to visit tourist sites.  Often, now, no reservations are required.  Since there are very few people at the site, you can enjoy the famous art or the famous tourist site without being told to move along.   


Less Well-Known Places:  Travelers are discovering hidden treasures in remote locations, such as small charming villages with small family-owned and family-operated hotels, bed and breakfast establishments, private rooms to rent, and working farms with animals, 

To support the local economy, Crowd Free World encourages eco-tourism and agro-tourism.  




Crowd Free World is interested in all your travel experiences for pleasure and for business.  Your information will assist other people, who want to have  safe and trouble free travel.  


Please tell Crowd Free World about all your travel experiences, both positive and negative.  Please tell us where you went, what sites you visited, how you traveled, and where you stayed.  Tell us what you enjoyed and what you did not enjoy.  Please tell us about safety measures in the overnight accommodations and in all the places you visited.  Did people wear masks?  Did people observe social distancing?  Did the establishments disinfect their premises regularly and follow guidelines to ensure that the premises were “safe”?  Did you feel “safe”?  Crowd Free World is waiting to hear from you.  


#crowdfreeworld:  Please use #crowdfreeworld to describe all your travel experiences during this current pandemic.  


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